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Two Weeks. Two Credits. Get prepared for your first college math class

Calculated Success 2017:
Thank you to all those who attended this year!
Please remember to take your survey!

Information about Calculated Success 2018 will be coming soon!

Are you looking to improve your ALEKS score?
Do you want to prepare for college success?
Check out Calculated Success!


Questions? Email or call 509-335-3530!

Who should attend Calculated Success?

Calculated Success is a program for any student who wants to improve their math skills. Incoming freshmen, current students, and transfer students have all benefited from Calculated Success in the past!

If you have been accepted to Washington State University and would like to:

  1. Brush up on your math skills, or
  2. Improve your ALEKS test score, or
  3. Potentially place into a higher math class for the fall semester…

..then Calculated Success is for you!

Your two weeks on campus will include time to build friendships and get to know WSU and Pullman before most students arrive for fall semester.

Research shows that the grade you earn in your first math class is a strong predictor of future success. 

Questions? Contact Us! | | 800-942-4978 or 509-335-3530

@WSUCalcSuccess on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Does this program sound great, but you want to get ahead in other classes, not just math?
Check out Summer Advantage, our five-week, incoming-freshmen focused program that runs along side Calculated Success!